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Although January may have been a quiet month for gigs (compared to December), bookings have been coming in thick and fast. In the last two weeks we've confirmed 18 bookings for 2017 alone!

By far, the most popular source of our bookings has been through our Facebook page Mobile Disco NE although we have had quite a few hits on the website which we have converted into bookings.

So what has the first few weeks of 2017 entailed for MDNE?

Our first major party was a surprise 18th birthday party in Cramlington, the load in was relatively easy although I did have to wait until the function room was cleared following a wake. From experience, Friday night parties tend to have fewer guests than Saturday nights however Ellen must be a popular girl as the room was packed before her arrival at 19:30.

The night went really well with the younger crowd loving R&B, Dance, Chart and Clubland. Gigs like this allow me to spend time doing what I love doing most, mixing!

It was then time to upgrade the gear and we bought new speakers with 1200w of power! I initially thought they weren't very loud as I was testing them in the house whilst the baby slept. I had a free house a few days later and tested them out......oh my! Even at half power the windows were shaking. I can't imagine them ever being turned up to full volume but it's nice to know I'm not going to blow the speakers.

Another Friday, another surprise birthday, this time it was for Vikki's 30th at Revolution Sunderland and a run out for the new speakers. Jay had arranged this without Vikki knowing and what a great job he did. The load in? well can only be described as terrible, I wasn't allowed to go up the fire escape stairs at the rear of the bar which led straight into the function room so had to carry my gear around the front and up the stairs, after the first trip I spoke with the manager who said the outside stairs could be used, what a lifesaver!

The night was great and got to play some music I hadn't heard for a while, got some great photos and made a friend in Jay too.

The following day I was working for another Disco provider, who shall remain nameless :) for a kid's disco from 14:30-16:30 and then straight on to a dinner dance at Doxford Hall, some 59 miles away from my house in Hetton.

To say Sunday couldn't come quick enough was an understatement, although I'd had a great weekend entertaining the masses across the North East, I was glad to spend some time with wife my newborn daughter.

Until next time folks....

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